It’s pretty easy to hoax people. We all want to be deceived, but only up to a point. Some hoaxes are fun and pleasant, others malicious and unpleasant. We’d like a way to tell the difference (Robert Carroll).

Nov 1, 2008

Political Hoaxes

“Politics is more difficult than Physics”. This is a quote of Albert Einstein, inscribed on the Social Sciences Building, City University, London.

Yes, politics is a very complicated game, where the stack for the winner might be huge. The history of politics is full of elaborated lies, mystifications, and complicated hoaxes, usually focused on achieving practical advantage internally or international arena. Many of them will never be uncovered or over the time become nonsense. In this category we will place those that are interesting and funny.

Category Table of Content

1. Electric Chair Immunity Hoax
2. I, Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Prize Winner and Nobel Liar
3. Veterans of Future Wars 
4. Sokal Affair
5. Muslim Neil Armstrong
6. Ben Franklin and Indian Savages
7. Harry “S-for nothing” Truman 
8. Abraham Lincoln Business Card
9. Let them eat cake!
10. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is Over-reaction
11. Robert Williams' Peace Plan
12. Lenin was a Mushroom
13. Napoleon is Dead
14. Dick Tuck against Richard Nixon
15. Tasaday People: Fake Noble Savages
16. Comfort Women Fabrication


Anonymous said...

is the Einstein quote real?

Michael Pekker said...

Yes, this quote indeed belongs to Einstein. There are multiple sources online, for example:

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