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Dec 21, 2022

How powerful the Economy of Russia is?

In one of the disputes, the pro-Putin opponent slammed that Ukraine must give away its territory as it will never be able to withstand the pressure of Russia, and the power of its Powerful Military economy. Well, the fairly tales on the Russian military as the 2nd best in the World have quickly evaporated over the first month of the War. But the economies of the two countries are still incomparable. That is still true, but, Ukraine, with help of the Free World Countries (combined power of more than 40% of the World Economy) can easily beat the tiny Russian economy, when looked from the World perspectives. See just numbers below:


2021 Data:

* World GDP (USD): 96.1 trillion

* USA GDP (USD): 23 trillion (24%)

* California (USD): $3.37 trillion (3.5%)

* San Francisco Bay Area (USD): $0.58 trillion (0.6%)


* Russia (USD): $1.78 trillion (1.85%)


So Russian economy is 50% of the Californian economy, and just 3 time more than of the tiny San Francisco Bay Area, and it is all associated with Russia, capturing huge territory, and holding huge percentage of the natural resources.

By the end of 2022, Russia's gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to drop by at least 3.4% in the best-case scenario and by up to 4.5% in the worst-case scenario. Russia's economy will continue to shrink in 2023.

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