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May 8, 2023

Naale Baa – Flying Girl from India

The Naale Baa urban legend is a popular story that has been passed down generations in India. It is a story about a young girl who is believed to be able to transport herself through the air using only the power of her mind. This tale has become a part of Indian folklore and has captured the imagination of many people throughout the world.

The Naale Baa urban legend has many variations, but the basic story is that there was once a young girl who had the ability to fly. She was known as Naale Baa, which means "come tomorrow" in Kannada, the local language of Bangalore, India. According to the story, Naale Baa was able to fly to any destination she desired without using any mode of transportation.

Many people in Bangalore claim to have witnessed Naale Baa in flight. Some say that they have seen her soaring through the sky, while others claim that they have seen her hovering in the air above a park or a playground. Despite the many sightings, there is no concrete evidence to support the existence of Naale Baa.

There are many theories surrounding the Naale Baa urban legend. Some people believe that it is simply a myth, invented by storytellers to entertain others. Others believe that Naale Baa was a real person who possessed supernatural powers. Still others believe that her ability was due to an advanced technology that is yet to be discovered by humans.

Regardless of the validity of the Naale Baa urban legend, it continues to fascinate people today. The story has been adapted into movies, books, and television series, bringing the legend to a wider audience. Many people continue to search for evidence of Naale Baa's existence, while others simply enjoy the story for what it is - a tale of a young girl who defied the laws of nature and soared through the sky.

While most believe that Naale Baa was a tale of the 90s, sales strategy consultant Kaustuba Venugopal says, "There are multiple versions of the ghost. The oldest reference I know dates back to the 1920s. it’s hardly from the 90s and was prevalent in rural areas outside B’luru. The many versions have one thing in common, the Naale Baa bhoota is actually a village deity. While one version says it’s koogu maari your name is shouted out and if you open the door, you’ll find yourself dead in a pool of blood, the other version ties the ghost to the plague attacks. The deity would protect the village from plague, but needed a human sacrifice. So, when people would spot a dead rat, they’d vacate their houses, write Naale Baa on the doors and move temporarily to another place. You can find Naale Baa scratched on doors in old Rajkumar film songs set in a village. Every two decades, it comes back into the limelight, Bangaloreans from 70s and 90s both claim it to have originated during their time, but it’s much older than that."


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