It’s pretty easy to hoax people. We all want to be deceived, but only up to a point. Some hoaxes are fun and pleasant, others malicious and unpleasant. We’d like a way to tell the difference (Robert Carroll).

Apr 8, 2023

Google Tulip


One of the most notable April Fools' Day hoaxes of 2020 was Google's "new" feature, the "Google Tulip". This was a fake announcement of a new technology that allowed users to communicate with their tulip plants using Google Assistant. According to the announcement, Google had trained its artificial intelligence to understand the language of tulips, and users could now talk to their plants using their Google Assistant-enabled devices.


While obviously a hoax, the announcement was accompanied by a well-produced promotional video, featuring interviews with supposed tulip experts and tulip plant owners who were thrilled with the new feature. The video even included a cameo from a Dutch royal, King Willem-Alexander, who was apparently excited about the new technology.


The Google Tulip hoax was widely covered by the media and generated a lot of buzz and laughter on social media. While obviously a prank, the hoax was well-executed and showed off Google's creativity and sense of humor.

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