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Jul 10, 2012

Vampires: Truth or Fiction? Psychic Vampires - People Who Take Energy from Others

Part 3

A psychic vampire is a term used to describe a living person who "drains" others emotionally either empathically (draining the auric life force) or metaphorically (someone who takes emotionally without giving anything back; a "user"). Every person has unknowingly drained someone else's energy at one time or another. Chronic psychic vampires generally are not aware that they are stealing energy from others. Fair and balanced energy exchanges make for healthier relationships.

Who are Psychic Vampires (Psi-Vampires)?

Psychic vampires are living people who feel a pronounced need to enhance their natural state of being by drawing, absorbing, "draining" or "feeding on" some kind of "energy". Most psychic vampires claim that the kind of energy they require is life force, or "pranic energy", that is to say, a specific type of energy produced by living things and the biosphere as a whole. While this is the most common "energy" craved by psychic vampires, other types of "energy" that are identified, and differentiated from "pranic energy", include sexual energy, psychic energy, emotional energy, magical energy, negative energy, astral energy, and atmospheric energy (for example, thunderstorms), and there are others mentioned, as well.

These "energies" are given conflicting and overlapping definitions, however, and the explanations of what "energy" is, exactly, and how the psychic vampire uses it tend to vary from one individual to another. Most psychic vampires "feed" primarily from other human beings, but some of them report of being able to "feed" from non-human living things, and from other sources. In some cases, this is an emergency substitute, but some psychic vampires attempt to "wean themselves" away from human sources altogether for different reasons.

So, some psychic vampires report an ability to absorb "energy" from material sources, including fresh vegetables, rare meat and blood. Although many psychic vampires have an interest in blood-drinking, they do not seem to crave or lust for it as do blood vampires. It remains an open question whether psychic vampires who have an interest in blood, but who do not actually drink it, may not be reacting to the power of suggestion, and feel interested in blood because they self-identify as vampires and on some deep level associate vampires with blood. But this is a question that psychic vampires themselves will need to puzzle out.

Like blood vampires, psychic vampires feel that they must "feed" on the energy they require on a regular basis, and many report physical feelings of discomfort if they are denied access to a source. Symptoms of "energy deprivation" include extreme fatigue, depression, mood swings, immune system suppression with an increase in illnesses, uncontrollable "draining" of non-targeted sources, negative reactions from others close to the psychic vampire, insomnia and anxiety. Psychic vampires often discuss methods of finding energy sources and "feeding" reliably and harmlessly, and these methods vary to a high degree. I could not give a fair representative sampling, but some examples include psychic vampires who "feed" during sex, those who "feed" on large crowds, those who draw energy from the natural world and visit parks or wilderness when "hungry", and those who "feed" by finding people in highly energized states and either calming or further provoking them.

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How to Indentify Psychic Vampires?

Unlike blood vampirism, psychic vampirism may be diagnosed either subjectively by the vampire or objectively by observers. Symptoms that one is a psychic vampire oneself include mood swings, dizziness, alternations between high energy and fatigue, headaches, a distinct feeling that one is pulling or drawing energy or emotions from other people, and similar feelings. But more and more people are being "diagnosed" as psychic vampires by other self-defined psychic vampires, on the grounds of numerous criteria. These include observed effects of the suspected psychic vampire on others (fatigue or depression in the presence of the psychic vampire, a sensation of phantom "tendrils" or attachments, a sensation that something is being pulled or drawn out of the body or aura) and direct psychic perception of the aura or energy field of the suspected psychic vampire.

Psi-Vampires’ Sub-Culture

Psychic vampires are developing a completely independent subculture of their own and have their own acknowledged leaders and their own vocabulary. They are also developing a consensual agreement on what being a psychic vampire feels like, both to the psychic vampire and to others around him or her, especially psychically sensitive others. Some psychic vampires identify what they call an "energy signature" that allows them to interpret whether another person is a psychic vampire, as well as what specific type they are and how they function. Such signatures are often read and interpreted during direct contact over such media as online chat or the telephone. Training methods adopted from modern magical traditions, standard psychic development disciplines, meditative paths such as Taoism and other sources are being introduced to help psychic vampires learn to control their "feeding" and learn to "manipulate energy". There are an increasing number of websites aimed specifically at psychic vampires and their concerns.


Psychic vampires proper fall into two main categories:

  1. Conscious psychic vampires
Conscious psychic vampires are fully aware of what they are and have identified as psychic vampires at least on some level. While they may not be able to completely control their "draining" tendencies, they do try, and seek methods of learning how to do so more effectively. When they have achieved at least some feeling of mastery, they often offer to teach and support other nascent psychic vampires by sharing what they have learned. They tend to have strong and volatile personalities. The intentional psychic vampire is clever, devious and manipulative. Its main objective is often to ingratiate itself into a group of people through one member of the group. Having achieved that objective, it will then set about controlling the individual and/or group for its own ends, bending the group or individual to its will and using them to promote itself as some sort of powerful authority figure or “leader”.

The intentional psychic vampire will select a member of a group who it identifies as being both significant to the group (well liked, popular) yet is also vulnerable in some way (perhaps having just had a serious illness, an upsetting career change, house move, nasty divorce or death in the family). Having done this, it will set about making itself invaluable to that person who it defends and supports in all situations. It will take the individuals problems, fears and insecurities on board and offer advice, help and guidance, which often appears to be good and sensible. But more significantly, it will gradually isolate the individual from the group socially and emotionally by making their “mark” or target dependent on it and it alone.

The psychic vampire will also court the leader of a group and do everything it can to appear to be a positive influence upon the group until the leader seems to rely on the psychic vampire so much so that he or she cannot make any decisions without consulting it first. At the same time, it will carefully create the impression that it is “powerful” in some way. Within the context of an occult or pagan group, it may well promote itself as being some sort of expert in an obscure aspect of the main interests of the group and/or individual it is targeting thereby appearing to make itself of value to the group. But it will also maintain an aura of mystery about itself and its ideas and opinions, never giving too much away about itself.

In this way, it will gradually and carefully establish itself as an authority within the group taking the knowledge that it gains from the group and using it for its own ends, which are almost always to extend its field of influence and list of contacts that can then be used to increase its influence even further.

The really clever vampire will seldom try for all out power within a group. They will establish themselves as the main authority figure whilst at the same time giving the impression that they are not actually “in charge”. In fact, they will often defer to the nominal leader of the group but only on unimportant issues such as when and where meetings are to be held and who will bring the wine. All other decisions affecting the actual running and working of the group will be offered up for discussion in a manner that effectively leaves the real control firmly in their own hands.

  1. Unconscious psychic vampires
Unconscious psychic vampires do not understand what they are, and tend to wander through life in a state of blissful ignorance or denial. They may or may not be aware of the effect they have on others, although they can see the results. Unconscious psychic vampires may stumble across a vampire website or other forum and experience a shattering moment of truth when it all clicks together. They may also be "diagnosed" by conscious psychic vampires and urged to face what they are and learn to control their tendencies. Of all vampires, unconscious psychic vampires tend to be most noticeable to ordinary people, who see them as clingy, attention-seeking, demanding, inconstant individuals. In some cases, these assessments are not supported by actual behavior, but are a materialist's rationalizations of the psychic perception of the vampire's energy draining, for which the average person has no context. Either way, unconscious psychic vampires do tend to have rocky and difficult relationships, home lives and personal interactions until they come to some kind of understanding of what they are.

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How to recognize Psychic Vampires?

Psychic vampires will probably exhibit several of the following characteristics, the more of these behaviors, opinions, obsessions or characteristics they display the more likely it is that they are psychic vampires. If any of these traits feel uncomfortably close to home you may yourself be a psychic vampire without realizing it. Having one or two of the traits that you do recognize does not make you a psychic vampire per se, but may indicate that you should look carefully at changing this particular unconscious behavior if it is afflicted upon or affects another human being. Unfortunately psychic vampires generally do not or are not able to recognize or realize these traits within themselves. Remember, the psychic vampire does not have to have any occult connection whatsoever; it can be a person you meet in your everyday life.

These main traits are:
  1. An uncontrollable urge to dominate nature, it may speak boastfully about controlling the weather or that it has powerful elemental spirits under its control.
  2. A self-righteous compulsion to help others offering healing and advice to the point that their victim will become hooked on the consultations or sessions. In a lot of cases the psychic vampire offers no real help at all, causing the victim to be entirely dependent upon the psychic vampire’s aid. If the victim decides to seek help elsewhere the psychic vampire will be quick to point out “all they have done” for the victim in the past.
  3. Creating living and working environments that are fast-paced, somewhat secretive and chaotic in an attempt to throw other people off guard. Their lack of true communication allows the psychic vampire to manipulate all situations so that others are overtly overwhelmed and anxious when trying to live or work in these environments whilst the psychic vampire will appear to be particularly well organized and calm externally.
  4. An obsession to achieve all of their personal desires (gain of money, powerful careers or social lives, sexual fulfillment, etc.) without considering the cost to anyone else---and in this oftentimes creates its own self-undoing. Often the psychic vampire forgets to consider all the consequences of its actions even on its own life, focusing only upon the quenching of its all-consuming desires. This inability to consider the consequences of its actions often lands the psychic vampire in places and situations that it had no idea would occur and when this happens, watch out, for its anger can be violent when finding itself in negative situations of their own making because it will take no responsibility for its actions and blame all responsibility on others. Often psychic vampires will take out their own misery, responsibility and blame on the weak, ill, or someone much younger (like children or young adults), unable to transfer these feelings of inadequacy onto anyone it deems to be as experienced or powerful as itself in any way.
  5. An innate desire to control its personal and intimate relationships down to the last detail. There can be sexual dynamics in all its relationships (even relationships that are not sexual ones) that border on the sado-masochistic. “Sado-masochism provides sexual pleasure to dominate the partner completely, to play with him [or her] like a cat with a mouse”---Adolf Guggenb├╝hl-Craig. This is not to say that people that enjoy sexual play like sado-masochism are psychic vampires, but this trait may be apparent in a psychic vampire if it is found in combination with several of the other traits.
  6. Severe outbursts of anger or rage or violence in the face of insignificant or routine annoyances. When the psychic vampire needs to feed, it will explode all small or petty problems into traumas of major proportion. This instantly transforms the psychic vampire from the nice, serene person you thought you knew into an angry, venomous volcano that you’ve never met before.
  7. A fear of change (death) or rather an undeniably overwhelming fear of being unable to manipulate and control all the details of any change in their lives, either major or mundane. Because the actual fear is the inability to control the “deaths” in its life, they may embrace a romantic preoccupation with art, literature and popular entertainments that involve death as the major theme and may even dress or costume itself in this romantically dark style, sometimes termed as Gothic. Many psychic vampires may even occasionally, subtly allude to failed suicide attempts or close brushes with death. The preoccupation with death can be what has led it to a resistance to life. “Life is a dynamic, pulsating force; it is energy and consciousness manifested in many ways; and there is no evil as such unless there is a resistance to life. The resistance is the manifestation of what is called evil”---John C. Pierrakos.
  8. A lack of a sense of humor or the inability to tell jokes. The psychic vampire may be able to make jokes at others’ expense but will either not acknowledge a joke at itself or will become quite angry if one is made of it.
  9. Projecting its feelings of being bad, ashamed, or even actually evil upon another person or group of individuals. They may appear to be “perfect” or meticulous in their actions, manners, and physical appearance and above reproach in all of their activities whilst subconsciously suspecting that they have an evil nature. This causes the psychic vampire to project its fear-driven subconscious wrath onto another. If this is the case you may hear the psychic vampire say things like:
·         “I am totally innocent and justified in my actions whilst THEY are guilty and bad and wrong in everything that THEY do.”
·          “I simply inform others of the truth and THEY lie and use propaganda.”
·          “I am only defending myself, THEY are making my life continually a misery.”

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How to Deal with Psychic Vampires?


Visualize a powerful white light surrounding you, enveloping you in a bubble of protection. Or, it may be invisible glass bubble which is not transferrable for the energy flow, demanded from psychological vampire you are dealing with. You should practice this technique every day, but especially when interacting with a person you suspect is a psychic vampire. The more you practice, the easier it is for you to reach perfect protection. The good thing about it is that it is 100% inoffensive. You won't hurt the psychic vampire's feelings, unless that person is of the evil variety and realizes they won't be getting dinner!

Threefold Return

To a high degree, the intentional vampire depends on the psychological assurance that their targets or victims believe in the vampire’s overwhelming emotional power. Remove or reduce that belief and its “power” can be greatly reduced if not destroyed altogether. If you have little self-confidence in facing a psychic vampire and think you might be especially vulnerable then you can actually help the psychic vampire to influence or control you in some way. This type of thinking can be very dangerous. Belief is the dangerous factor---if you believe that the psychic vampire can manipulate you magically or infest your dream state then you will open the door to them just as readily as Mina invited Count Dracula into her home.

If you simply refuse to accept that the vampire can harm you and actually believe this to be true then little or no harm can come to you and the psychic vampire’s efforts will either dissipate into the ether or, having nowhere else to go, will return to the sender - the psychic vampire.

There is a Law of Threefold Return, a basically Wiccan concept that says that whatever the sender sends out, whether it is good or bad, will return to them, threefold. There are various formulas for using this but one of the most simple and effective is offered below.

If you think that you are the target of malicious magic, whether or not you know who is sending it, simply say three times:

“Whatever it is you sent to me
I send it back, three times three.
Don’t mess with me.
Don’t mess with me.
Don’t mess with me.”

It helps considerably if the person reciting this spell has worked himself or herself up to feel angry about what is being done to them before reciting it. If, at the same time as the spell is recited, the user holds a mirror up in front of them with the mirror side facing away from them it can aid the success of the action but this is not essential. Alternatively, you can instead picture in your mind’s eye, mirrors all around you, covering you, reflecting outwards from you in all directions whilst repeating the above charm. It goes without saying that if the victim knows who the vampire is, then he or she should visualize the face of the psychic vampire as strongly as possible onto the reflective part of their protective “mirrors” while reciting the spell.

Finger Interlock Technique

One of the most effective protection procedures known is the Finger Interlock Technique. This technique is easy to implement, and its effects are instant. To begin this technique, simply bring together the tips of your thumb and middle finger of each hand to form two circles. Then, bring your hands together to form interlocking circles while envisioning your body enveloped in a bright sphere of impenetrable energy. Finally, relax your hands and simply affirm, "I am now energized and fully protected." This simple, inconspicuous technique requires only seconds and can be used almost any time or place. With practice, you can use the finger interlock gesture alone as a cue to instantly activate the effects of the full procedure.

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Aside from its effectiveness as a psychic vampire protection procedure, the Finger Interlock Technique has many other useful applications. Overcoming stage fight, improving memory, and promoting positive social interactions are all within its scope. You can use the technique to induce instant relaxation during important examinations, public presentations, and conferences, to list but a few of its many applications. A former student, now a practicing attorney, attributes his admission to law school largely to his use of the technique during the entrance exam. The technique, here ported, effectively reduced his stress level and stimulated his recall of important information. Because the technique is so inconspicuous and easily executed, it has become popular among public figures including actors, politicians, performing artists, and TV personalities. If you observe their hands, you will notice many of them using the simple finger interlock gesture.

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