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Aug 17, 2009

Can the falling from the sky cow kill you?

Charles and Linda Everson were driving back to their hotel when their minivan was struck by a falling object — a 600-pound rodeo cow, landed on their bonnet.

The Eversons were unhurt, but the cow, which had fallen off a cliff, had to be euthanized.

The year-old cow fell about 200 feet from the cliff and landed on the hood of the couple's minivan, causing heavy damage.

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A Chelan County fire chief, Arnold Baker, said the couple missed being killed by a matter of inches in the accident Sunday on a highway near Manson.

The Eversons were visiting the area from their home in Westland, Mich., to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The pair, who was visiting the area to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, was taken to a Lake Chelan Community Hospital as a precaution, but later released.

Mr Everson, 49, said he was in shock as he watched the bovine bounce off his battered bonnet.
He told the Detroit Fee Press: "I'm just glad to be alive. It's raining cows out here, man!"

The chauffeur said he saw something hit his vehicle but amazingly kept on driving for a mile before pulling over.

"Wham! It happened so fast I actually thought it was a deer," he told the paper.
"All of a sudden I'm looking at it, and I tell my wife, 'It's a cow,'" he said.
"I kept saying, 'I don't believe it.' I must have said that 20 or 30 times."

Chelan County Sheriff's Sergeant Mike Harris said the animal was a Professional Bull Rider-registered cow that had escaped its ranch about a month ago.

"It was bred for rodeo," Sgt Harris told the paper. "It was not your normal cow in a field."

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The falling cow incident made local and national news, then like most bizarre news stories faded quickly into the dust bin of cyber space. But not for everyone…

A winemaker Ray Sandidge with an overactive entrepreneurial streak said, “Hey! This is marketing opportunity.” He has introduced the world to Falling Cow Wine.  Ray even held a grand opening celebration with the owner of Michelle (the deceased cow) on hand.

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