It’s pretty easy to hoax people. We all want to be deceived, but only up to a point. Some hoaxes are fun and pleasant, others malicious and unpleasant. We’d like a way to tell the difference (Robert Carroll).

Nov 9, 2008

Disease, converting human bodies to mechanical sculptures

Once again, excellent special effects and a serious professional tone might easily trick even careful and sceptical viewers. This is a definite medical scam, but it is a cute one.

For decades, metal has played an important role in the medical field. Whether it be used for artificial hips, steel rods, braces, or surgical screws, doctors and surgeons have used implanted metal, to help mend and repair our broken bodies.

Authors claim that few years ago, something very strange and bizzarre occurred in the medical field. It was documented by medical professionals and here is the video below. The metal implanted in the human bodies can actually start growing out of doctors control. As the bone, muscle and tissue start to recede, it is replaced by this growing metal. The result is a grotesquely disfigured, part human, part mechanical form. This medical condition is referred to as Metalosis Maligna.

The "Metalosis Maligna" documentary works on many levels: It holds the interests of techies, preys on our fear of technology and just looks strikingly real.

A pan shot over various body implant parts and a low rumbling soundtrack just add to the potential for public hysteria. Like the Google TV hoax, the con also plays on our desire to learn about something new and under-reported, to be "in the know" before the next guy. The film uses well-designed graphics and interviews with seemingly knowledgeable experts and mirrors the documentary style of Michael Moore and others. A matching Web site at -- complete with Google ads and links to more information -- carries the ruse even further.

Metalosis Maligna Video

To add credibility to the statement, hoax developers claim that humans are not the only victims of Metalosis Maligna. This disease can attack animals who have had metal surgical implants as well. Doctors and scientist world wide are racing to find a cure, before it reaches epidemic stages.

Looks real, isn’t it?

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